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Room 9

The Woods Bridge Loft, 3rd Floor

from $249 per night

Without a doubt, the Woods Bridge Loft is our most intimate room and surpasses the quality of many of the hotels in Beaufort, SC. Take in the spectacular view from its historic gable overlooking Cannon Park and the Intercoastal waterway. This is one of the best locations from which to view the historic bridge opening and closing for all sorts of interesting watercraft. This room exudes romance and is the perfect getaway spot. A must-experience room.

Be advised that this accommodation is on the 3rd floor and requires 2 to 3 flights of stairs. This building is in its historic form and does not have an elevator. Prior to planning your stay, we recommend that you reach out to our staff if you have any concerns or special needs. It would be our pleasure to try to accommodate them if we are able.


Accommodates: 2 Adults

Beds: 1 Queen

Amenities: Private Bath with Shower